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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the need to kick russia out of the UN

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said two extremely important things that I have repeatedly published:

  1. russia’s illegal membership in the UN and its abuse of the veto undermine global security and block the work of the UN. I also express my gratitude for the correct wording that russia fraudulently seized a seat in the UN, contrary to the Charter.
  2. russia need not be afraid – it always retreats when it receives a worthy and confident rebuff.

I hope that thanks to this speech, our Western allies will finally realize these truths once and for all!

Here is the text of the address:

Why is there a deficit of resolve that prompts us, together with our allies and partners, to look for ways to fill it? There are two reasons for this. Unfortunately, the aggressor is still present in the organizations that are supposed to protect against aggression, including the UN, where russia is still allowed to exert influence in certain structures, and where russia is abusing the permanent seat of the Security Council and the veto power it has seized in violation of the UN Charter, by the way. The second reason is that some states and leaders of the world still, unfortunately, look back to russia when making their own decisions. This can be called an absurd and shameful restriction of sovereignty, because Ukrainians have proven that russia is not to be feared. russia loses when it meets bold and confident resistance.

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